Raise your hand, and Raise the Roof!

Raise the RoofWe’ve all heard the expression “The sky is the limit” right?

The idea that we can accomplish anything if we dream big, and set our goals high, is definitely a motto I can get on board with. Having lofty aspirations is a must if we want to take our life to the next level. Hell, I’d go as far as to say that without this type of thinking, nothing extraordinary or original would have ever been accomplished by any great leaders throughout history! Imagine if the Wright Brothers had allowed their desire to take flight remain a wishful fantasy. Or, what if Alexander Graham Bell had let his dream of communicating electronically rest with failed attempts and criticism? Where would we be today!?

Granted, these are two fairly extreme examples of dreaming big and making it happen. Not everyone wants to reinvent the wheel. But we all want to be more successful, feel more fulfilled, and have more financial freedom. And if you’re anything like me, you have something you’re passionate about. Something you dream of accomplishing in your lifetime. So why not get started now?

Sitting on the bench never got anyone very far. You gotta be in the game to win. Making any dream a reality has to start with action!  So here are 3 easy “can do” ways to jump start your mental motor and get moving in the right direction.


Quite often, opportunity will show up in disguise.  It’s tricky that way. Learn how to recognize these diamonds in the rough and make them work for you! Opportunity by definition, is a set of circumstances that bring new possibilities. Usually accompanied by change or interaction, and sometimes disguised as a negative, opportunity will constantly present itself in our lives. If we’re not paying attention we can easily miss it’s subtle arrival.

For example, a budding musician may be sitting in a cafe enjoying her coffee, glance up, and see a flyer on the wall advertising a band needing a guitarist.  A businessman who dreams of being a chef, may hear that his company will be downsizing. He’ll lose his job. Two days later he discovers that his favorite restaurant is looking to hire a sous chef. Opportunity lives in these moments! This is your dream calling out to you. Answer that call, and put yourself in the game!

Raise your hand!

Failing to recognize an opportunity is just one of the ways we can end up missing out on great things in life. More often than not, we do recognize that opportunity, but fail to act on it, allowing it to slip through our fingers, and end up feeling stagnant, unhappy, and unfulfilled. By failing to act, we are in essence saying “no thanks” to all the amazing possibilities that opportunity could bring. And when we say no to things we are halting our progress, stifling our growth, and actually holding ourselves back from achieving our dreams!!  So when opportunity presents, say “Hell Ya!” Raise your hand high and shout “Me please, YES. I want that!” Embrace change, It’s really good stuff!  Don’t allow fear or doubt to determine your future.  Get that hand in the air!

Raise the Roof!

Now listen up, cuz this is the best part. Ready?

Every time we say yes to a new opportunity, we create MORE opportunities!! 

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this to be true, in my own life and in the lives of other’s.  The very act of saying yes creates a whole new trajectory in the course of events. A certain momentum comes into play and propels us forward. One after another, doors begin to open. Allowing us to build the foundation that will take us higher. Thus raising the “roof”, or ceiling that we previously had thought to be the limit of our possible achievement. The only limitations in life, are the ones we impose upon ourselves. Don’t hold yourself back! As long as we’re on the lookout for opportunities, and provided we are willing to step up to the plate, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished!

Take a moment, look back through your life. Can you think of a time when saying yes to an opportunity brought about big changes in your future?

I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!