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TEDxWaterloo Speaker Smarts Crossword

Who out there has heard of TEDxWaterloo? If you haven’t you should definitely check it out! This year’s theme is The UNCHARTED.  Explore, Discover, and Challenge! As part of the marketing team for TEDxWaterloo,  an inspirational speaker’s forum, I decided to take the challenge! Using a canvas […]

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Just Beyond Freedom

The first piece of 2011 is complete! I’m expirimenting with some time-lapse video this year.  Check out  the creation process of  “Just Beyond Freedom”. This is an abstract acrylic piece.  “30×60”. This video shows in slightly under 3 minutes what took slightly over  48 hours to create. […]

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The Hunt

Laundry list of “must haves”…. one old beat up motorcycle helmet, one hairband with bobbing sparkly things on top, and a car licence plate. The hunt begins. Add to that 6 cans of spinach…. One liter of milk, chopsticks and a gas can. Throw in a singing […]

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New Year, New Challenge! The Blog

So it is now 2011! A brand new year with endless possibilities and opportunities! Each year I chose one goal that will push me to leave my comfort zone and take a risk. Something that will inspire personal growth and hopefully, inspire others as well. Last year […]

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Face Casting Class at Waterloo Children’s Museum

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