A Lasting First Impression

A first impression, as we all know, is pretty important. In business it can be the make or break factor in weather someone decides to work with us, buy our product, or extend opportunity our way. In the past, first impressions were usually made in person, face-to-face, allowing our true selves and personality to shine through and hopefully create a genuine connection with those we are meeting. Not anymore. With the rise of social media sites and online marketing tools we are often leaving our brand’s first impression to chance if we’re not clear on how we want to present to the world and what message we’re trying to get across.

Twitter has an amazing ability to reach an audience far greater than many methods of marketing today, and it has the added bonus of instant connection. Why would any business not want to utilize this free resource?

The trick is how to do this most effectively. First, I think it’s important to decide what you want your twitter feed to say about you and your brand. What do you want to share? What do you have to offer? Are you interacting and connecting with people?

Getting clear on your brand vision is key.

Being an artist, I want to make sure that when someone visits my profile they know right away that art is my passion. I want them to be inspired and motivated, and I want them to know that I’m approachable and interested in building relationships.

So I created the #ThreeTweetRule.  A simple set of guidelines to help me represent my brand consistently.

On twitter, when someone clicks on your name they are taken to an abbreviated sample of your feed where they can view 3 or more of your most recent tweets, depending on the twitter client they are using. Why not take this opportunity to capture their attention? This is your chance to make a great first impression!

In my early tweeting days my goal was really just to connect with other artists making amazing art. I was like a sponge, soaking up all that great visual inspiration. As I navigated my way through the twitter-verse, I began to feel frustrated. I would often click on someone’s profile and find myself in a sea of @name replies, multiple “like my facebook page” links, or the dreaded single link post. Now don’t get me wrong, none of these things are bad (except maybe the single link post) when used in moderation with balance, but when I visit your profile for the first time and I’m deciding weather or not to follow you, what I read in your last three tweets will often be the determining factor in my decision.

The three tweet rule helps ensure that when people visit my profile I’m always putting my best foot forward and staying consistent with my brand image. Giving a balanced, authentic representation of what they’ll get if they choose to follow me. And hopefully inspire them to check out more of what I do.

If I know I’m going to be at my computer for any length of time I will interact and share things I find interesting and compelling at will, but when I decide it’s time to move on to my next task of the day I make sure to apply the rule and leave my twitter feed with three tweets that represent me and my brand’s vision best.

One tweet with a picture, link, or art related post.

One tweet with and inspirational feel or motivational quote.

One conversational tweet or response to another user.

This ensures that when someone clicks on my @name they will get a really good idea of what I’m all about and the content I like to share. This is just one way I’ve found to help create and maintain a consistent brand image using twitter.

What does your first impression on twitter say about you and your brand?

Did you find this post helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Tweeting!