5 Silly, Crazy, and Amazing things I did in 2011!

2011 was kind of a whirlwind year here at Minds Eye Studio Art!

Here’s a little wrap up of some highlights.  5 of my favorite events, moments, and challenges.

 1, I made a giant 10ft x 10ft crossword puzzle for TEDxWaterlooWhich by the way will be happening again very soon!

2, I made a video call to artists for my first group show at the Gallery, and to celebrate my 5yr anniversary! FUEL

3, I got to design the front window of  THEMUSEUM for Searching for Tom, the Tom Thompson exhibit!

4, I painted a painting reeeeally fast! Just Beyond Freedom

5, I accepted a challenge to create one piece of art every 2 days for the month of June!  Moments Intercepted

After such a great year I”m really looking forward to what 2012 will bring!

Happy New Year!