Noise Intercepted

As you might remember, back in June of 2011, I participated in Labspace Studio‘s Moments Intercepted project.

A journey through creative space. Past, Present, and Future. See my blog post here.  See my work here.

I enjoyed the experience so much that when they posted their recent call to artists for the Noise Intercepted project, I jumped at the chance to once again get involved!


Noise Intercepted is a global art project about noise. Participants are encouraged to explore their urban soundscape through a series of 10 experience-activated noise challenges that will be issued between March and June of 2013.

We have 1 week to complete each challenge and post our work to our PROFILE on the site. 

I will be posting the challenges here with links to my finished work on the Labspace Studio site. Follow my progress as I complete each challenge.  BRING THE NOISE!

Challenge #1 The Pulse                                                                                                                             (March 13 2013)

If your city had a defining sound, a defining pulse, a defining heartbeat, what would it sound like? look like? or feel like? …where would you go to find it? You have 1 week to venture outside and find the pulse of your city.

Challenge #2 The Little Things                                                                                                                  (March 24 2013)

This week spend some time paying attention to the little things… the sounds that you tend to ignore and the seemingly insignificant noises that you take for granted. You have 1 week to listen, identify and select one “insignificant” sound and transform it into something “significant.”

Challenge #3 The Empty                                                                                                                             (April 5 2013)

This week spend some time exploring an “empty” space (or place), manufactured or natural. Consider the creative potential of this space… its acoustics, its untold story, its emotional content. You have 1 week to find an “empty” space and change it, transform it, or influence it, through your physical interactions.




  1. This art project sounds incredibly innovative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I agree Carmel! Stay tuned for posts as I complete the challenges. Thanks for your comment!