TEDxWaterloo Speaker Smarts Crossword

Who out there has heard of TEDxWaterloo? If you haven’t you should definitely check it out!

This year’s theme is The UNCHARTED.  Explore, Discover, and Challenge!

As part of the marketing team for TEDxWaterloo,  an inspirational speaker’s forum, I decided to take the challenge!

Using a canvas 10ft x10ft I created a painting, then a giant crossword with interesting facts and info about the TEDxWaterloo speakers was projected on top.  THEMUSEUM was more than happy to host our humongous crossword in their main floor space during their 36 HourTitanic event!  The response was awesome!  Children and adults alike enjoyed figuring out the answers and painting them into the crossword.

Special thanks to Stephanie Schaefer, and Kevin Hansen ofMonsterfarm for their help in coming up with the crossword design and the clues to solve it!

Thanks also to THEMUSEUM for the use of their space, and the KWawesome people who lent a hand in painting the crossword on!