New Year, New Challenge! The Blog

So it is now 2011! A brand new year with endless possibilities and opportunities!
Each year I chose one goal that will push me to leave my comfort zone and take a risk. Something that will inspire personal growth and hopefully, inspire others as well. Last year my goal was public speaking. I decided that I wanted to speak at Ignite Waterloo. My talk was titled The Ultimate Question, I was so exhilarated by the experience that I’m eager to begin my 2011 “Get out of your box” challenge!

So here it is. The blog!
I’m sure this will take some practice, so please bear with me as I venture into the world of the written word. Creativity, passion, and the love of all things art will drive the content you will find here. A slightly more personal look into my creative process. Musings and thoughts on inspiration and how ideas are transformed into works of art. At least that’s the plan… but we all know that what begins in one place, can take us to even more interesting and unexpected destinations. I hope you enjoy the ride!