Beyond Borders NYC

Beyond borders.

A fitting title for this exhibition, my first in New York City, and a major milestone achieved.

To say I was excited would be a huge understatement.There I was, in New York City, about to open my first exhibition at Agora Gallery, in the heart of the Chelsea Art District. Pinch me!

One of my big business themes for 2014 is movement. In my work creatively and physically. This exhibition represents the culmination of the two.

When we arrived at the gallery, it was bustling with activity. Artists and collectors alike, taking in all the wonderful artwork adorning the walls. The mood was set, the wine was flowing, and art lovers of all kinds were wandering about.

Check out the video, I’m in there!


Here are some photos of my work before the crowd arrived. The gallery is huge, with beautiful hardwood floors and tons of natural light.


P1190403                 P1190409                 P1190410


I’m happy to report that my work was very well received. In fact, the gallery asked me to keep it for another month to be included in an additional upcoming exhibition! The saga continues.

Here’s a blog post the gallery wrote about me and my work. “Someone has to create the masterpieces, why not you?”

And of course you can find my represented work on my ArtMine Page

All in all, it was an amazing trip. We of course took time to check out some amazing art galleries, went shopping, and visited Ground Zero, (which was AWESOME!) You can’t go to New York City and not hoof it around for 3 days!!

Thanks New York, I’ll be back soon.