The Hunt

Laundry list of “must haves”…. one old beat up motorcycle helmet, one hairband with bobbing sparkly things on top, and a car licence plate. The hunt begins.
Add to that 6 cans of spinach….
One liter of milk, chopsticks and a gas can.
Throw in a singing yellow budgie and an old T.V. and there you have the makings of my inspiration.

Inspiration comes from many places. In this case I’m drawing from real life objects and the images they represent to portray a single idea through artistic arrangement and composition.
By combining the items and placing them into a preconceived context I can manipulate the way they are viewed in relation to one another.

What I call “The Hunt”, also known as brainstorming, is imperative to the creative process. It helps me develop a clear direction and understanding of the ideas I want to get across through the work. I realize the “laundry list” may look a little odd right now, but it will all make sense when the connections between the items are reveled… plus I’ve kept a few items up my sleeve to keep you in suspense!